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3 Must-use Local SEO Strategies to boost your ranking

Local SEO
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Your brick-and-mortar store could use some foot traffic. And, you have this flashy website that’s probably not delivering what you’re looking for. 

97% of users search the web to find local businesses intentionally and that means you need to come up with Local SEO strategies as this allows you to be seen in your neighborhood.

Why? As these are the people that are likely to progress to loyal customers because you get to build relationships with them in-person. 

On top of that, you still need to list your brand in high-quality directories. 

So, to skyrocket your site’s ranking, your Local SEO strategies should include: 

  1. Optimized Google My Business account
  2. Consistenet efforts towards your On-page SEO by updating content regularly
  3. And, blow up the internet (not literally) with your presence.
Local SEO

Local SEO Strategy 1: Google My Business

Google loves content that they can verify. With a consistent Local SEO strategy, your website stands a higher chance of ranking for local searches – even without a website. 

Local SEO Strategies: Google My Business

Tips to help you rank in Local SEO:

  • Create and verify your Google My Business Page
  • Nap Consistency: Name, physical address, and phone number
  • Encourage customers to leave a review and respond to reviews
  • Specify your location


Here’s an example of a response that you could use – be sure to customize it for your audience and your brand.


“Thank you for your feedback on [product/service] in [city/state]. We’re chuffed that you liked your purchase / we’re sorry about your experience and look forward to working with you again/ we look forward to helping you get the best experience. Thank you from the [full company name] team”.

Local SEO Strategy 2: Website Updates

Although you’ve optimized your Google My Business account, you still need to provide your visitors with an enjoyable experience. That means updating your website to improve your local SEO strategies. 

Website Updates

Improve Internal Link Structuring

Adjusting your internal link structure boosts your SEO. It supports web navigation, helps with information architecture, website hierarchy, and distributes page authority among webpages. 

backlink tools

Optimize your content

Optimize each new page by using high-volume keywords in your URL, your blog title, the heading, the Meta description, and the body of your blog posts. 

Even if you’re having trouble with creating geo-targeted content, speak about customer success stories and case studies to boost your reputation. 


Add Location Pages to your Website

Let’s say you have more than one brick-and-mortar store. Create location pages for each one, indicating the relevant NAP details, store hours, as well as testimonials from happy customers. 

It’s crucial to create separate About Us pages for each store. Add a Google map on your website for each respective store as this makes things easier for your visitors.


Create Local Content

While writing general topics attracts a vast crowd, honing in on local experiences for your industry attracts a local audience – One with intent. 

You can leverage top-of-the-funnel visitors by promoting events (not necessarily related to your brand) but can be nurtured and converted at a later stage. 

Hint: To make this work, they need to be your target audience in the first place. 


Local SEO Strategies works well with the right tools: 

Whitespark Local Citation Finder: A local citation is any online mention of your business. This matters as they help your brand appear in online searches.

Moz Local: This tool allows brand distribution across the net. Moz local also collaborates with data aggregators to push listings.

Ahrefs: This lets you check Backlinking as authoritative websites must link to yours for SEO.

Buzzstream: You can research influencers, track conversions, and report insights. 

Local SEO Strategy 3: Blow up the internet

To do this, you need to create high-quality content that keeps people revisiting time-and-time again. Content that’s so enjoyable that people talk about it and share with their audience. 

Blow up the internet

To do this, you need to create high-quality content that keeps people revisiting time-and-time again. Content that’s so enjoyable that people talk about it and share with their audience. 


  • Create original content that tells your brand story.
  • Have strong headlines that catches people’s attention. Stay away from clickbait.
  • Provide solutions to the questions that searchers have.


Seeing that “near me” searches have increased by 500% over the last few years, traffic to your website increases when you encompass all that is SEO. 

Leverage Google My Business and update your website to improve your ranking in search engines. And a pivotal part to keeping your visitors enthralled is by providing valuable, enjoyable content.

What’s your biggest pain when it comes to implementing Local SEO strategies? Drop a comment below.

DISCLAIMER: Where available, I use affiliate links to bring you products or services. This doesn’t sways my recommendations and it does not cost you anything extra if you make a purchase after clicking on the link.

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