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9 Lead Magnet Ideas That Boosts Your Email List – #8 is the best.

Lead Magnets Ideas
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Are you looking for lead magnet ideas to build your email list?

By now you’ve heard that building your email list is one of the best ways to generate leads. But, it’s difficult to get people to click on your sign-up button.

Although 62% of consumers want to hear from you via email for customer service, you still have to  find them. And, you need to provide real value to get them hooked on you.

So, how will you get tons of leads?

Lead magnets let you build your email list as subscribers can instantly access them, are quick and easy to digest, and solve real roadblocks that your visitors have.

But not all lead magnets are created equal, and their success depends on what your target audience prefers. 

Here are 9 lead magnet ideas that marketers use

1. Cheatsheet / Checklist

Cheatsheets are one of the highest-converting lead magnets as people prefer quick information. They’re easier to read and often provide info on how to change their strategies.

Create a simple checklist at Checkli.

Or, an online design tool like Canva. 

2. Ebook

These give your audience something more tangible than a cheatsheet by providing more in-depth information. Because they’re so bulky, they convert lower than checklists but can work if you’re offering high value to the right audience at the right time.


There’s no need to re-invent the wheel. Use previous blog posts on your website and adapt them to an e-book format. This works well for people that don’t want to click through various webpages to find the articles that interest them.

Now, the way to get this right is to stick to the same (or similar) topic to make it easier for your audience.

Check out Jason Whaling’s video on how to create an eBook to help you move leads further down the funnel.

3: Quiz

Quizzes are a fun way to get your audience to opt-in to your email list. It tells people about themselves and which direction they need to go. Because email marketing requires segmentation to work, a quiz allows you to divide them right off the bat.

There are 3 types of quizzes that you can use:

  • Personality
  • Assessment
  • Scored

Your goal dictates what type of quiz is the right one for your campaign.

4: Templates (in Canva, Photoshop, etc.)

Templates are an easy way for your subscribers to get started on something by letting people fill-in-the-blanks. Graphic design templates on Canva, Photoshop, or Envato help people with no time (and know-how) to create graphics as and when they need it.

You’ll find that social media managers, digital marketers, book authors, etc. often prefer these types of resources. 

5: Audiobooks

Not all visitors are keen on reading. In fact, audiobooks are the fastest-growing division in the digital publishing sphere. They’re downloadable and listened to on-the-go. This saves people time while getting value from your resources.

Now, the problem is that audiobooks don’t work well when they rely a lot on images. These include garden books, interior design books, cookbooks, travel, or any picture books. 

6: Webinar

Webinars help you establish credibility, allow you to capture high-quality leads, and opens up partnership opportunities. The easiest way to decide who your webinar is aimed at is by choosing a group because of the stage they’re at in the sales funnel.

Use these TIPS to get you started:

  • Have a separate landing page for visitors to sign-up.
  • Partner up with brands or people that’s in line with your message and relevant to your audience.


7: Free Consult Call

Offering free consultations sounds easy enough. But you need to pre-qualify visitors so you don’t waste your time with cold prospects. Offer this high-value lead magnet to people that is in the lower end of the sales funnel (those that are getting ready to buy).

And, you’ll know if they qualify by segmenting your audience as you guide them down the funnel.

Lead Magnet Ideas_Free Consult Call

8: Case Studies

Case studies are real-life scenarios about what you’ve achieved for your clients. They show your goals, what action you’ve taken, and what your outcomes are. It’s important to show real numbers as this builds trust with your audience.

Adding case studies to your lead magnet ideas arsenal gives you the opposrtunity to prove to your audience what you’re capabale of. 

Tips on creating high-converting case studies:

  • Set realistic and measurable goals.
  • Decide on an interesting and relatable angle for your case study.
  • Reveal data about your key points in the study.
  • Show your brand as a supporting character and let your clients tell their own stories.

9: Workbook

Service businesses often prefer a workbook because it’s a download-and-complete resource. By the end of the workbook, they would have completed a task that applies to their business.

Check out Pat Flynn’s video for more lead magnet ideas


Harnessing the power of email marketing to move your prospects further down the sales funnel only happens if you have a list in the first place. And to get people to sign up to your email list, you’d need to entice them with a valuable lead magnet.

There’s no right or wrong lead magnet type as it all comes down to what your target audience prefers. Yet, the importance is providing value to the right audience at the right time.

Once you’ve decided wich lead magnet(s) you will use, check out other ways to build your email list

Do you have any other lead magnet ideas that you think works well? Drop us a comment below.

Keep in mind that I may receive commissions when you click some of the links and make purchases. However, this does not impact my reviews and comparisons. I try my best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

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