Hi, I'm Nisa!

Nisa Neethling Content Writer

I’m a Content Writer who is obsessed with storytelling and internet marketing. I’ve written about Business, Digital video production, Email Marketing, and SEO since 2016.

I’ve worked for digital marketing agencies, advertising & video production companies, and business moguls to come up with fresh content. I have also been a part of helping businesses launch their new brands on the internet.

My Why

Having a flexible environment to take care of my family is a fundamental factor. Yet, my own happiness in using my talent to bring this all together is the cherry on the cake.

You see, even as a child, I hardly ever verbally asked my parents when I wanted something. I’d hand them handwritten notes instead. And, my favorite subjects at school were my languages (English & Afrikaans) – and aced essay writing each time. 

Then, I’ve worked in a corporate environment since I completed high school. While I was good at my jobs, I always had a void that needed to be filled. So, I changed jobs (on average) every 3 years. I’ve worked in numerous departments from accounting, sales, administration, and management.

At the age of 33, I knew I no longer wanted to be employed by others in a full-time position. My kids were growing up without me and I was barely making ends meet.

In hindsight, I realise that I needed to be at each position as it was my learning experience that would lead me to running my own business.

But, what business?

I tried selling products, yet, I still didn’t receive the joy that I wanted and the little voice in my head kept nudging me to find myself and my talent. I just knew that I needed to make money doing what I love. So, a lot of soul searching led me to writing.

I was numb with fear for over a year because writers don’t make money. And, when I kept seeing the signs around me, I had to do something. Even if to just do it so that I could tell myself “Oh well, at least I tried it!”

Fast forward to today; I’m a writer who gets paid by clients and I don’t have to commute to an office each day to deliver my services.

In fact, I build my own legacy by helping other business owners build their own.


So, what have I done since I decided to run my own business?

I’ve worked as a Content Writer since 2016 where I’ve worked with numerous brands including Interface Digital, Guru.com, Hyperia s.r.o, Tropikal Garden, and Life Color Forever brand through my freelance journey. 

Then, I felt the need to share my skills where I’ve taught women how to start an online business, from creating a website to marketing online. My recent project was with Kellyjay Digital where I taught video marketing to business owners. 

But, does this mean I’ve stopped learning?

Absolutely not! I still enrol in courses related to digital marketing where I did an Apprenticeship with Ops Collective. I’ve even attached my certificate. And, I’m currently enrolled in numerous online marketing courses. I always want to have updated skills, and that often means taking on apprenticeships and enrolling in courses. 

A Storytelling Content Writer Helping You 

cut through the noise on the web.

focused on your audience

I create content that focusses on answering the burning questions of your target audience.

no cookie-cutter stuff

Give your audience YOUR thoughts and genuinely position you as a thought leader. So, you're guaranteed that I don't use swipe files.

tell your story

Stop spinning content "just because it works". People are desensensitised to all the noise on the web and they want to get to know YOU.

More about how I work


Online and offline Research (1-2 days)

A Discovery call with you about what your goals are.

Thorough research online and offline with experts.


Write a first draft and send it to you so that you can check if we’re on the right track.

First round of editing – fact checking, voice, grammar, spelling, etc.

Second round of editing – formatting, plagiarism checking.

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